The Eldritch Flowering of Prydain

EF1.2: Choir Rehearsal

Eve of the Royal Wedding

With Talorc as their guide, the party arrives at Hwītmynster Abbey Saturday, May 3rd, although Talorc himself stays behind among some old ruins north of Oswestry called Caer Ogyrfan. The Synod of Hwītmynster will take place at the arrival of the Archbishop of Canterbury and Bishop Agilbert of Dorchester. Agilbert is a Frankish-speaking advocate of Roman authority who has recently begun to eject Celtic Abbots and Bishops from their positions and replace them with hand-picked clergy of his choosing.

This is the day before the royal wedding between King Wulfhere of Mercia and his bride, Princess Devona of the Pictish Kingdom of Waerteras. The following Thursday will be the Feast of the Ascension, and the Synod is scheduled to begin anytime between Tuesday and Thursday.


As the children (among whom are the Orphans of Fairy, or Halflings) are practicing a collection of Latin hymns for the upcoming Synod, a messenger arrives. The prior, who has been leading the rehearsal, suddenly leaves, putting Mimram, the friendly but drunken abbot, in charge of the rehearsal. Just in time for the evening meal several hours later, the prior returns, listens to some more of the choir rehearsal while taking his supper, and retires. During the night, one of the party, a Halfling by the name of Leofwine, does not show up for bedtime roll-call. A search ensues, to no avail. During the search, however, another member of the party, Brother Dewi, encounters a strange, shadowy woman who warns him to get out of the Abbey with as many of the “Children of Fairy” as possible. She explains that they are not the freaks that they have always been taught, but are the sons and daughters of Fey, the fair folk of legend. The woman gives them a key to the tower, and tells them to meet her on the roof of the tower just before morning prayers.

EF1.2: Choir Rehearsal

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