Gesith of Magonsæte


A young man, 19 years old, with light brown hair and no beard. He is almost always in the company of his beautiful, pregnant Kentish wife Eormenburga, and is a doting father to their three-year-old son. Loves to hunt fox and deer with his brother King Wulfhere of Mercia, whom he greatly admires. Speaks Welsh and English fluently, and is popular with his tribesmen. He is armed with a longsword, a seax (long knife), javelins and heavy darts.


Lord Merewalh is the son of King Penda and Queen Cynewise. His realm, Magonsæte, takes up the northwestern corner of the Kingdom of Mercia, occupying much of what was once the Welsh Kingdom of Powys. His lands, though not very productive and experiencing some of the coldest winters in Britain, nonetheless prosper due to their key position in the trade between the rich kingdoms of Gwynedd, Mercia, and Dal Riata. He is a devout Christian and aspires to become a Paladin like his father’s old enemy, King Oswald. However, his love of hunting tends to draw his attention away from the rigors of piety.


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