Cuthbert of Melrose

Prior of Melrose Abbey, Northumbria


Human Cleric 4, LG


“[Cuthbert is] a monk… and hermit, associated with the monasteries of Melrose and Lindisfarne in what might loosely be termed the Kingdom of Northumbria in the Northeast of England.

“Cuthbert’s fame for piety, diligence, and obedience [have] quickly [grown]. When Alchfrith, king of Deira, founded a new monastery at Ripon, Cuthbert became its praepositus hospitum or guest master under Eata. When Wilfrid was given the monastery, Eata and Cuthbert returned to Melrose. Illness struck the monastery in 664 and while Cuthbert recovered, the prior (Boisil) died and Cuthbert was made prior in his place. He spent much time among the people, ministering to their spiritual needs, carrying out missionary journeys, preaching, and performing miracles.

“[Since] the Synod of Whitby, Cuthbert seems to have accepted the Roman customs,.. His asceticism [is] complemented by his charm and generosity to the poor, and his reputation for gifts of healing and insight [have] led many people to consult him, gaining him the name of ‘Wonder Worker [Thaumaturge] of Britain’. "

Taken from

Cuthbert of Melrose

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