Captain of the Palladian Guard


A fierce fighter with medium brown hair and moustache, aged about 35. He speaks a little Welsh and English, but almost never converses except to give orders to his men and brief reports to the Archbishop. He carries a massive spear and a roman-style Gladius, as well as a quiver of Martiobarbula (heavy darts). He wears chainmail and carries an oversized shield.


Bellomedis, or Bemis as he is known by the English and Welsh, is an almost gargantuan Frankish fighter. He is Captain of the Palladian Guard, who is assigned to protect the new Archbishop of Canterbury. He was raised at the monastery of Saint Valerius in Neustria, and was recruited into the service of the King to fight against the Pagans to the east. Although he mas named a Paladin by his king, he suffered dishonor when he was caught in an extramarital tryst with a nun and banished from the country. A small band of his followers went into exile in England with him, and he soon made contact with Alhfrith, who recruited him and his followers into service.


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