The Eldritch Flowering of Prydain

Fleshing out the map

...using an experimental system based on Appendix A of the DMG

I’ve drawn the major components of Hwītmynster Abbey and have used creating the rest of Oswestry AD 664 as an opportunity to playtest some new Appendix Q rules (my term for addenda to the AD&D canon). I am still wrestling with the choice of an underlying rules set for this campaign. I love AD&D, but I want to use race=class from B/X-BECMI. By the end of it, I probably will end up with some custom house rules which may be incorporated into the Earthly Realms system I’m developing. However, race=class can work in AD&D if one runs nonhumans as described in the Monster Manual rather than in the Players’ Handbook, and swipes the advancement, to hit, and saving throw tables from B/X.

So about the map, and the town generator I’m trying out. The map is four sheets of regular 8 1/2 × 11 inch paper glued onto a larger sheet, about half of which is taken up by the extensive Hwītmynster Abbey. I began generating the town from the main doors of the cathedral-like Mynster, and in general treat passages as streets, chambers as open areas, rooms as buildings, stairs as slopes, and doors as gates (unless entering buildings). I increased the scale somewhat. I added new categories of crimes and events to replace monsters and traps. I’ll post the entire Random Town Generator here as well as on the Dragonsfoot fand Obsidian Portal fora once I work out the bugs. I’ll post the map here, but with only pieces available to players at a time. I wish there was a way to have a complete map be unlockable area by area.



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