The Eldritch Flowering of Prydain

EF3.0 Battle of the Trees

What lurks beyond the treeline?

There is a battle waging across Britain. The towns and fields seem quiet, as they have been for a century during the reign of the Wulfings of Mercia and Powys. Common folk go about their tasks unimpeded by day. However, each evening, as the shadows grow long, there begins on the outskirts of every wood and copse the sound of clashing arms, war drums, and shouts. Occasionally, shepherds, farmers, and town guardsmen report having seen the shimmering forms of ghostly warriors, yet no attack ever seems to manifest. However, warriors are disappearing. Young, old, Briton and English alike, no community seems safe from the abductions. Could it be that the Waelcyrge have come after years of Christian peace to claim the bodies and souls of men who, but for the lack of battle, might have already fallen in bloody sacrifice to Woden? Such are the rumors of the eldest of the elders, who remember when Britain was engulfed in war and ruled by Pagan gods.

The High King of Britain has begun to deputize constables to serve as night watches throughout the land. You are among these constables, charged with patrolling the field boundaries and forest roads at night in search of these lost warriors. You do not need to defeat whatever forces may be lurking among the trees, merely bring back credible reports of what nighttime activities might be taking place, and whence they arise.



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