The Age of Magic in Post-Roman Britain

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Fantasy Anachronism in Dark-age Britain

This setting begins with the coronation of Arthur’s successor, King Bedivere, in A.D. 494, and follows the allistorical events to the beginning of the Darkest Age in the British Isles, AD 1004. These six centuries saw the reintroduction of magical practices which had been nearly eradicated by the Romans. Magic has radically altered the course of history as we know it, such that the world envisioned herein is much more enjoyable for the average person, to say nothing of the aristocratic and merchant classes. However, new evils have cropped up that make the wars and diseases of historical Europe seem trite in comparison. Magic, after all, is a cunning mistress of those who seek it, and tends to break out of the feeble bonds with which mortals endeavor to master it.

The Eldritch Flowering of Prydain

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