The Eldritch Flowering of Prydain

EF1: Orphans of Fairy

An adventure for 2-6 Earthly Realms characters, levels 0-4

You are trapped.

You have been brought against your will to an abbey in a small border village between the Anglian Kingdom of Mercia and the Prydannic Kingdom of Powys. Some of you may be soldiers captured during the Anglian Uprising that restored Wulfhere, son of Penda, to the Mercian throne and pushed the Anglian frontier west to the Mountains of Cumbria. Others may be halflings who have been sheltering in abbeys across the land, hidden among human children. Thieves, magic-users, elves or dwarves, if present, are spies who were attempting to gain information about the proceedings at the abbey without being seen, but were caught and gaoled to await the Abbot’s justice. Clerics are members of the abbey who were placed under the Abbot’s care as children, but who yearn to see the outside world now that they have come of age.


As a zero-level character, you roll your ability scores as normal. You may choose from among the following secondary professions, which represent trades that you have learned to a modest degree before your life brought you along an adventuring path:

EF1: Orphans of Fairy

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